Tom & Jerry

Tex Avery is the only animation director whose very name defines a genre of Golden Age Cartoons. His cartoons guarantee a calculated insanity, anchored in a sense of reality. His no-holds-barred, anything-for-a-laugh gags shape the Avery Universe, a place unlike any other. He began directing at Warner Bros. in 1936 and stayed until 1942, where he created the Bugs Bunny persona we know today. Tex Avery came into his own at MGM, where he directed more than 60 cartoons through 1955, and created such characters as Droopy, Wolf & Red, and Screwy Squirrel. He is also responsible for some of the greatest one-shot cartoons ever made, such as ‘King-Size Canary’, ‘Symphony in Slang’, ‘Bad Luck Blackie’ and the wartime classic ‘The Blitz Wolf.

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