None of the collectables seen on this page are for sale. Each piece is for viewing reference only.

The condition of your collectible dolls will most certainly determine their values. Dolls that are stained or dirty, show significant wear or collectible dolls not presented in their original costume or accessories will bring only a fraction of the price indicated by pricing guides. Collectible dolls presented in an original unopened box will bring very attractive prices. Of course, other factors such as age, rarity, and general demand for the doll will greatly affect the worth of your dolls as well.

#U17 - Hubley - 'Mr. Magoo Car', 1961

The 'Mr. Magoo' battery Opperated tin car is in excellent working condition. Marked Hubley on the bottom and Japan on the backside. Paint on both Mr. Magoo and the car are nice with no wear. Original cloth top is still intact with no rips or tears. Battery compartment is clean with No corrosion or rust. Works Great! Original box is in good condition.

Bullwinkle, 1961, By Terry Toons. Cloth sewn body vinyl head... 15' tall to top of horn. Very comical face, marked on the back of head: 1961, Terry Toons. Has all 3 fingers on each hand!!! no tears, damage or pen marks.

Lamb Chop - hand puppet, 1960's. Sheri Lewis' alter ego was Lamb Chop who could be sassy and meek at the same time.

Shari's first national attention was her TV appearance at 18 on Arthur's Godfrey's Talent Scouts in 1952. But her big break was five years later, when an appearance on The Captain Kangaroo Show got Shari her own TV show.

#AC3 - Al Capp Baby Barry Doll of 'Pappy Yokum' from Dogpatch, 1957. All colors crisp and clear, measuring Approx. 21'.

Pint-size Lucifer 'Pappy' Yokum had the misfortune of being the patriarch in a family completely dominated by his better half, 'Mammy' Yokum. On the other hand, Pappy didn't seem to complain. He had a free ride for many years. Mammy did all the household work. Ostensibly a turnip farmer, Pappy was rarely seen working. In fact, he was so lazy, he didn't even bathe himself. Mammy was regularly seen lathering and scrubbing Pappy in an oak tub next to the modest Yokum cabin. Mammy was the unofficial mayor of Dogpatch and could read. Pappy was illiterate. Mammy was smart. Pappy was dull-witted and gullible. Though their unlikely offspring Li'l Abner was at least twice his father's (and mother's) size, Abner obviously inherited a good many of his father's lesser traits.

#AC4 - Al Capp Baby Barry Doll of 'Mammy Yokum' from Dogpatch, 1957. All colors crisp and clear, measuring Approx. 12'.

Mammy, born Pansy Hunks, was the pint-sized, highly principalled, cornpipe smoking leader of the Yokum clan. Her lethal right undercut, sometimes called the 'good night Irene punch' helped her uphold law, order and decency. She seemed the toughest character and kept up the integrity of the strip. Her mantra was 'good is better than evil because its nicer'

#AC5 - Al Capp Baby Barry Doll of 'Lil Abner' from Dogpatch, 1957. All colors crisp and clear, measuring Approx. 12'.

Li'l Abner was the title character in the long-running (1934-1977) syndicated newspaper strip by cartoonist Al Capp. Hardly 'li'l,' Abner was a hulking, naive man-child, and the frequent foil for Capp's satiric stories about American life and politics. This simple-minded citizen of humble Dogpatch was a paragon of virtue in a dark and cynical world. Abner often found himself far from home, whether in the company of unscrupulous industrialist General Bullmoose, in hapless snowbound Lower Slobbovia, or wherever Capp's whimsical and often complex plots led our heroic hillbilly.









#S11 - Dr. Seuss's Merry Menagerie figure and label, 1968. 'Wacky' 8 inches high was one of six different 'animals' produced, each in two different colors (making 12 total in the collection).

Merry Menagerie figures were produced in 1968 by the Poynter Co. based on illustrations Dr. Seuss had done for liberty magazine in the 1930's.

These were produced without his permission and he was able to prevent the figures from being produced without his logo signature in their advertising and on the bottom of the figures. However, he was unable to stop their production and sale.

The figures that were produced with his signature on the bottom were recalled and his name was obscured from the base of the animal.

Those figures with labels were quite rare. Label reads: 'Toys created, designed and produced exclusively by Don Poynter. Merry Menagerie. Based on Liberty Magazine Illustrations by Dr Seuss. copyright 1968 Poynter Products, Cincinnati Ohio, Made in Japan. copyright 1932 Liberty Publishing Corporation.' Bottom of figure is stamped 'copyright 1968.'

Vintage 'POPEYE' SOFT BODIED DOLL, 1950's. Popeye measures 13' high and has been fitted with a new hat. Anchor tattoo is rendered on right arm.


The PROFESSOR is Stamped on the bottom 'MARX' Toys and dated 1961. It has a small pair of Glasses on a string and he is holding a book that has half the top page tore off, but still looks good. The paint is in Great condition.

Harvey Famous Cartoons - Talking Mattel 'CASPER' doll, 1950's. This rare Casper The Friendly Ghost Doll stands 15'. He is made of white terry cloth, a white plastic face with painted features and a talking mechanism that works great.

Casper made his television debut in 1950, on the show Casper the Friendly Ghost. Casper was something of an anomaly among the supernatural world; he had little interest in scaring people, haunting houses or doing any of the usual ghostly activities. Instead, Casper just wanted to play and make friends like other children his age, though his inherent spookiness was enough to frighten away any prospective friend.

Walt Disney - Knickerbocker - 'Ferdinand Matador', 1938. The 'Ferdinand The Bull' doll bears an oil cloth face and stands 20.00' tall.

The Story of Ferdinand The Bull:

Ferdinand is a bull growing up in the Spanish countryside. When the other bulls run and fight with each other, he prefers to sit in the shade of a cork tree and the smell of the flowers. His mother tries to persuade him to run and play, but nothing can convince him to fight with the other bulls.

Ferdinand grows up to be a big, strong bull nonetheless, and in time the men from the city come to the countryside to pick the strongest, meanest bull for the bullfight in Madrid. Just then, Ferdinand sits on a bumblebee and the men from the city see an amazing display of furious jumping and kicking by the astonished bull. Ferdinand is taken in a wagon to the bullfight.

In the city, the people are preparing for the bullfight with a big festival of dancing and singing. Ferdinand finds himself in the center of a huge ring of people shouting and clapping with flowers strewn about everywhere. The Matador arrives, proud and severe, but try as he might, he could not get Ferdinand to fight. Ferdinand, as usual, preferred to just sit and smell the flowers.

Walt Disney - Disney Productions/Gund 'EEYORE'. This doll from 'Winnie The Pooh' measures approx 12' long by approx 8' high at rear. Solid-stuffed, smooth plush body with black felt mane and tail and glued-on printed paper eyes and nostrils. The pink ribbon on the tail also includes a ribbon with text 'From Winnie the Pooh - EEYORE'. Maker's info tag reads 'Copyright Walt Disney Prod - J. Swedlin Inc LICENSEE - GUND Mfg Co'.

Walt Disney - 'Pushmi Pullyu', 1960's. This plush doll from 'Dr. Doolittle' stands 6.5' tall and 5.5' wide bearing original Mattel tag.

From the cartoon Beany and Cecil the sea serpant. Copyright Mattel 1949 Bob Robert Clampett on the bottom of his shoes, measuring 15.00' tall. Original sewn tag states: QUALITY ORIGINALS BY MATTEL MADE IN HONG KONG COPYRIGHT 1949 BOB CLAMPETT.

This vintage talking Cecil 1950 - The Sea Sick Sea Serphant - was made by mattel toys, copy rite Bob Clampet, 1950. Doll measures over 3 feet long unraveled. Beany and Cecil were both made in a talking doll by mattel - however, cecil is a little tougher to find. Cecil talks in original TV voice.

HANNA-BARBERA, 1960s. DROOP A LONG COYOTE doll made by IDEAL TOYS from the Magilla Gorilla Cartoon Hour. Almost 12.00' tall, cloth fur stuffed doll with felt accents. He's in very good condition, with some light soiling from age and some small areas of wear to some of felt.

PUNKIN PUSS, 1960s. Made by IDEAL Toys from the Magilla Gorilla cartoon show. The Hillbilly Cat measures 11.00' tall.

DISNEY - Lady and the Tramp, 1950's - Old plush TRAMP dog measures 18.00' tall, bearing walt disney production tag.

These are a perfect set of original vintage snap, krackle and pop dolls.

Hanna-Barbera super rare Officer Dibble Doll, 1961. This doll was made by IDEAL and was part of the TOP CAT Cartoon series. The doll measures 9.50' - cloth body, felt accents with molded VINYL head. Some light fraying at jacket edges, and worn cloth at foot - very good condition.

Wimpy Syroco Figure,1944. Popeye's friend Wimpy measuring 4.75' high. Character name is on front of base and K.F.S. 1944 is on the back of the base.