AL CAPP (1909-1979) American Strip Cartoonist. Created 'L'il Abner' (1934) which, with its hilarious hillbilly dialogue, became a success and inspired two films, a stage musical and an animated series. Li'l Abner was the title character in the long-running (1934-1977) syndicated newspaper strip by cartoonist Al Capp. Hardly 'li'l,' Abner was a hulking, naive man-child, and the frequent foil for Capp's satiric stories about American life and politics. This simple-minded citizen of humble Dogpatch was a paragon of virtue in a dark and cynical world. Abner often found himself far from home, whether in the company of unscrupulous industrialist General Bullmoose, in hapless snowbound Lower Slobbovia, or wherever Capp's whimsical and often complex plots led our heroic hillbilly.

#AC2 - Al Capp - 'Li'l Abner'

#AC2 - Al Capp - 'Li'l Abner'

Price: $600 Al Capp - The sketch of 'Li'l Abner' was drawn for a young admirer. It is drawn on an 6.5' X 7.25' sheet of paper rendered in black ink - yellow, red, green, blue and pink crayola. The image area measures 4.00' X 5.00', hand signed by Al Capp. The notation below the sketch reads 'To Elizabeth - from your friend Al Capp.'

#AC1 - Pencil sketch of #AC1 - Pencil sketch of 'Li'l Abner''Li'l Abner'

Price: $600 The pencil sketch of 'Li'l Abner' was hand drawn by Al Capp for a young admirer in '1947'. The drawing rendered in graphite pencil measures 5.75' X 8.00', hand signed by Al Capp. The notation above the sketch reads 'Al Capp drew this for me at Andy's house 1947.' It is drawn on the reverse of an 8.5' X 11.00' sheet of paper with a Boston, Massachusetts commercial photography letterhead.